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Famed Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Outline showcases a selection of point source and line array loudspeaker lines and an interactive loudspeaker measurement display at ISE 2016 Amsterdam booth #7-E220. VEGAS 24

LEAN & MEAN: The new ultra compact, high power Vegas 24 is ideal for balcony fill, front fill and delay applications. This lightweight high power loudspeaker is optimized for superb vocal and instrument intelligibility and clarity due to its high Common Intelligibility Scale (CIS) rating. A dipole waveguide loaded design provides and enhances desired precedence required for localization and other psychoacoustic effects specified by quality installations.SATDIA 100 LA

POWERFUL & CLEAR: The STADIA 100 LA installation loudspeaker series combines key principles of cylindrical line-sources with several patented Outline technologies to deliver versatile and powerful solutions for stadiums, theme parks, arenas, large churches, transportation and sporting facilities. With three models to chose from, the 100° wide loudspeaker comes in 10°, 20° and 30° vertical patterns. High SPL can
be delivered cost effectively with pinpoint accuracy. Stadia maximizes the signal to noise ratio in reverberant environments. Industry standard EASE .gll and Outline’s Open Array prediction software provides complex acoustical data for expert designers.


COMPASS Series Outline

HANDS ON: Outline brought a measurement lab to show live displays that allows anyone to personally measure and analyze the 16 different horn patterns available on the Compass Series smart-loudspeakers. The display incorporates Outline’s industry recognized ET 250-3D electronic turntable for polar measurements, multiple Compass loudspeakers in combination with SMAART v7, and real time spectrographs. An updated iMode DSP app (available on iTunes) is also being shown on video monitors and iPads. iMode is Outline’s platform featuring full DSP, unlimited equalization, intelligent monitoring and iPad/iPhone control.